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Breckenridge Ullr Fest

Breckenridge's Ullr Festival - January 6th-12th, 2013 

Breckenridge Ullr FestThis long-standing event pays homage to the mythical Norse God of Snow, known as Ullr (pronounced Ooh-ler).  The Breckenridge Ullr Fest includes a wild Main Street parade, live entertainment and bar series, the Ullympics and an ice skating party.  Now in its 50th year, Ullr Fest presents the perfect opportunity to come out and see how the locals party.  Try keeping up at your own risk.

Ullr Fest History

In Norse mythology, Ullr was the god of winter and snow.  The son of Sif and the stepson of Thor, Ullr loved the cold, as well as traversing the country on his skis or skates. He also delighted in the chase, and pursued his game through the Northern Forests.

Ullr was so well skilled in the use of the bow and could go so fast on his skis that no one could match him. Each winter he covered the earth’s landscape with snow to protect it from harm.  Legend has it that Ullr traveled throughout the land, gliding along on his great skis, for both pleasure and hunting.One of the Norseman’s favorite travels would lead him to Breckenridge, Colorado where he would bless the town’s mountains with some of the world’s finest snow. 

To repay Ullr for his gifts, Breckenridge residents began organizing a festival to honor the god of winter.  The party began in 1963 as “Ullr Dag,” when locals honored Ullr with parties, gold coins, parties and – more parties.  As the years went by, Ullr Dag began to take on multiple traditions such as snowsculpting, the Ullr Ball, Ullr Bonfire, Ullympics and the Ullr Parade, many of which remain in place today.      

Why not join Breckenridge’s residents in celebrating Ullr’s gifts on your next ski vacation?  We can assure you a party that you won’t soon forget.

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