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How to Dress for Breckenridge Dinner Sleigh Rides

What to Wear

Breckenridge Sleigh RideYou’ll want to dress warmly for all Breckenridge Dinner Sleigh Rides as the area’s evening temperatures drop off steadily from those of the daytime hours.  Warm blankets are provided to keep you cozy, but it’s still wise to bring along warm boots or shoes, gloves or mittens, a hat and a scarf.  The seats of the sleighs are not heated and therefore we suggest that you to wear ski thermals underneath your clothing.  Please keep in mind that temperatures will be at or below those you’ll experience on the mountain during your ski day.
The lodges are kept at a comfortable temperature by roaring fires, so we encourage you to dress for your Breckenridge Sleigh Ride in layers that can be removed at the time of your dinner seating.  This will ensure your comfort both on and off the sleigh.    


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